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A Sloth Man is a sufferer of slothitis, an inherited disease, typically a Sloth Man struggles to finish a meal before it is cold, make it to anywhere on time, get out of bed, stay awake or move. Their minds are too diseased with slowness to grasp irony or sarcasm and they argue using long drawn out 'no no no's.

Slothitis is temporarily contagious; the monotonous rant of a slothitis sufferer will often force the listener to adopt the symptoms of a sloth man e.g. drowsiness and lethargy however once out of contact with a slothitis sufferer a healthy human's immune system will repel the slothitis - the diseased cells are two slow to cause long term effect.

Slothitis is a degenerative disease and the sloth man will slowly develop a likeness to John Squires of the Stone Roses, their voice will heavily deepen and their deep monotonous speech will enable them to communicate with whales. Generally a slothitis sufferer from birth will die before reaching the age of thirty as they can no longer feed themselves however the disease can lie dorment and effect people at later ages.
Normal Person: 'Your two hours late'
Davey (slothitis carrier): 'I was eating my dinner and had to straighten my hair'
Normal Person: 'I hate you Sloth Man'
Davey (slothitis carrier): 'No no no'
Whale: 'Hellooooooo Davey'
by Dr Man March 24, 2005
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A sloth is someone who likes to party, get rowdy, and wants it bad.
"After slothman fell in the fire, she sloth clawed her way out..."
by sehchron July 10, 2008
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1. a slow-moving mammal that comprises three genera (Bradypus, Choloepus, and Homo sapiens), inhabits the cities of Bay Area California, hangs from the branches back downward, plays soccer, and feeds on leaves, fruits, and Ontilos
2. a man who exhibits disinclination to action or labor
I was knocked unconscious by a DS from a Slothman.
by Sloth October 02, 2003
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