is what you call trashy hoes that have no lives and just sit around and talk shit about girls they're jealous of
who are those slores on the corner?

oh thats just KABAMM!
by werethebest December 23, 2010
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A derogatory term and a hybrid combination of the words Slut and Whore.

It is a word originally designed in the beginning to use around minor aged children when you don't want them to learn bad words.
She's too dumb to be a gold digger she is just a common slore.
by VaLg February 02, 2010
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a slut, whore, Roller....

Example. Venessa Denny From 2400 Bel Pre D(MV... Look Her Up On Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Unitedd Statesss
-Silver Spring
A Girll.. Graduated high School ... Chasing after boys in fucking 7th gradee. She wanted to fight me because i like him. wholetime me and the boy in the same grade. she wanted to fight my mansss because of her boyfriend. like why you chasing after middle school boys. You Fucking SLORE
by WildMoneyyHunnieeeee April 22, 2011
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Can you believe that slore next door ! She slept with 5 dudes in a week !
by Daddysgrl April 16, 2018
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