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A sloppy dolphin is a sexually performed act that involves the male eating out of the anus of a female, while fingering her clitorus until she squirts. While he is doing this, he is making dolphin sounds in an attempt to get her to do the same.
I was in bed and I figured I should give my girlfriend a birthday surprise... the sloppy dolphin.
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When you're having sex doggy style with your drunk girlfriend and you try to sneak it in her ass, she looks back and say "ert-uh ert-uh", like a dolphin. Her inebriated way of saying "aw hell no!
So my girl had a few drinks and was letting me do some freaky stuff. So I tried dropping it in her ass and she looked back and said "ert-uh ert-uh", like Flipper! She hit me when I called her a Sloppy Dolphin. Yes...the couch is comfortable.
by KingerG March 23, 2017
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