Most people are defining this as a word for vagina. That is NOT what it means. It means cut. Often a word for people who cut themselves.
by BethღJenner October 04, 2011
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an uncommon or underground term for an asian person-derived from the shape of their eyes, which look like slits in their head
i hate those stupid slits
by jhick August 14, 2005
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a small vertical cut in cloth that can be used for a button
doctor my hand is stuck in my button slit and my hand is purple and bulging
by Lucas Strader July 12, 2005
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A slut in training. Formed from the first two letters of SLut, the first letter of In and the first letter of Training. Usually a younger kid who hangs around sluts or hits on guys when in 2nd or 3rd grade.
Joanne is such a slit following her slutty big sister Margaret around. She's sure to be upgraded to slut once she turns 9.
by MafiaDoll December 29, 2007
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