Most people are defining this as a word for vagina. That is NOT what it means. It means cut. Often a word for people who cut themselves.
by BethღJenner October 04, 2011
an uncommon or underground term for an asian person-derived from the shape of their eyes, which look like slits in their head
i hate those stupid slits
by jhick August 14, 2005
a small vertical cut in cloth that can be used for a button
doctor my hand is stuck in my button slit and my hand is purple and bulging
by Lucas Strader July 12, 2005
by Dmanthe1 September 24, 2009
Also know as slitting your wrists.
Some goths slit their wrists because of depression.
by Unconscious March 03, 2005
Contraction of the words "it is lit".
S'lit dude.
by Skinnypenis September 14, 2016
A slut in training. Formed from the first two letters of SLut, the first letter of In and the first letter of Training. Usually a younger kid who hangs around sluts or hits on guys when in 2nd or 3rd grade.
Joanne is such a slit following her slutty big sister Margaret around. She's sure to be upgraded to slut once she turns 9.
by MafiaDoll December 29, 2007