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Slippery Noodle: The abuse of administrative powers to mess around with the forum posts of other members, commonly adding the suffix "Slippery Noodle" to the end of their posts, for the entertainment of the noodler(s). Often used on n00bs.
Bladen caught thhe slippery noodle somehow without slicing through it with his sharp scythes. He looked at it for a moment; it was perfect! he reached out to give it to Nina so that she could have a look at it. Slippery Noodle.
by Ankytomacafl May 24, 2009
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A hotel manager or general manager of a property management company, that is generally of Patel descent. Said "noodle" is extremely evasive to actually catch on the phone or in person, and is also extremely indecisive. The "noodle" can only be caught usually on off hours of the night or just before daybreak, when usually a normal person is sleep. If the "noodle" is caught, its epic indecisiveness drives both parties mad and the sale slips from grasp. American hotel managers are not "slippery noodles" but are classified generally as country bumpkins with an addiction for The Price is Right and Cheeto products.
PERSON 1-"That damn Nick Patel of Days Inn is one slippery noodle."

PERSON 2-"You should burn his property down."

PERSON 1-"I'll need to borrow your truck."

PERSON 2 -"Bring back a beef meximelt for me."
by sinistar462 September 30, 2011
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