A awesome band. Better before there newest album. 9 man band who know one can copy.

Met 3 members Cory, Chris and Paul.

Nice guys.

"Man I saw Slipknot, and they are Kick ass!"
by Jillthemaster August 21, 2004
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9 grown men that wear cheezy halloween costumes and scream about how much they hate everything. they use the costumes to compensate for their lack of talent, and they use 3 drummers so each one only has to play one note at a time. they dont know how to play their guitars, so they just turn the distortion up high enough so nobody notices. the musical equivalent of a big budget hollywood horror movie that uses too much special effects and gore. their lyrics are mostly about pointless aggression towards everything, and for some reason, they seem to love satan and anything labeled "evil"
slipknot fan: dude, like, slipknot is like the fucking bomb, you fucking dork face! why do you hate them, huh, idiot loser? i hate you! go to hell!

me: im not quite sure why youre screaming at me, because all i told you that i dont like slipknot. i see their lyrics have rubbed off on you.

slipknot fan's mom: son, get in the mercedes, we need to get to nordstrom to buy you a polo shirt!
by actual musician February 22, 2005
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A group of angry masked men standing around... in masks.
Wow. Look. It's Slipknot... look how masky they are.
by Robert Goodberry May 06, 2005
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Slipknot is without doubt ONE of the greatest bands ever. It is composed of 9 very talented musicians. and 9 is not to many, so dont hate them just cause they have 9 members, they dont use all of them in MOST songs as a matter of fact. the members are ,
0. Sid Wilson (D.j)
1. Joey Jordison (drummer)
2. Paul Grey (Bassist)
3. Chris Fehn (Percussion)
4. James Root (Rythm Guitar)
5. Craig Jones (Samples)
6. Shawn Crahan A.K.A Clown (Percussion)
7. Mick Thompson (Leag Guitar)
8. Corey Taylor (Vocals)

As for you asshole, who says that slipknot fans need to simmer down a bit and listen to all genres of metal, I HAVE and i like them ALL, but i am most satisfied with slipknot. and you ppl who say that slipknot is nu-metal, your completely wrong cause they have no genre, they say it themselves that it is a mixture of metel/rock genres. On behalf of the beleifs of some retards (who are wrong), Slipknot is not satanic. If you do beleive they are, give me all you got! That is all i have to say. GREATEST DAMN BAND EVER!
Slipknot kicks teh shit out of slayer!!!
by caleb walser April 23, 2005
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Nu Metal band that doesn't even define metal. Whoever said these are black metal are losers.
Morbid Angel >>>> Slipknot
At the Gates >>>> Slipknot
Nile >>>> Slipknot
Dimmu Borgir >>>> Slipknot
by BLARDIBOO November 25, 2003
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