I kind of like Slipknot, in fact i have 2 of their albums...But seeing dumbasses like you not even having the deacentcy to spell correctly to proove your point sickens me...Can't ANY of you spell/type?
"Most people I've met who listen to Slipknot are complete burn-outs/morons."
by Ross P. August 01, 2003
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this is corey taylor, slipknot frontman, FUCK YOU ALL, AND FUCK FRED DURST....I WANT LINDSAY POLK'S TITIES
SLIPKNOT ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllles
by nick May 11, 2004
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slipknot is a good band that cant be described as "nu metal", "rapcore", "metal" or even "death metal" and everyone who dislikes slipknot are fags because they dont know what the band's members have gone through, also, slipknot didnt rip-off mushroomhead. kids listen to slipknot because they can relate to all the deep and violent shit they have gone through
its heard to stay between the lines of skin
just cuz i have nerves dont mean that i can feel
i wasnt very much fun to be with anyway
just let the blood run red cuz i cant feel
by the forgotten one April 16, 2004
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The best FUCKING METAL BAND ON THE FUCKING EARTH, on the whole godammed planet.
FUCK YOU,ROB, FAY, and all those other total and utter FANNYBALL DICKSUCKERS who percieve slipknot as shite, well go home to ur motherfuckers house, FUCK your MOM then go listen to ur SHITE busted then tell me slipknot ar shite then I will Kick the crap out of you and slit ur throat and FUCK the wound.

people who h8 slipknot=SHIT.

Townie, scally, etc,: Go get a life and listen to some metal and stop smoking.


Go listen to slipknot, or iron maiden or linkinpark etc at least.


Any other FUCKING person who doesn't FUCKING listen to METAL MUST be a townie a twat or a FUCKING SADDO.
Its ok to listen other musik as long as metal is the main style, see: fatboy slim,eric p, brian eno, brian manson etc.

To all who h8 slipknot: u ar (sic), u=shit, i will kick ur Fucking ass in, i will make you suck my dick, i will FUCK you to DEATH. I WILL SMASH YOUR MOTHERFUCKING SKULL IN.


M.R., S.P. aka hffr.rule.
by dark god 666 January 15, 2005
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Pretty Much The BEST band on the planet! Whoever says they suck makesmewant to punch a baby!! They have Awesomely Awesome talent!! Joey Jordison is just about the greatest drummer in the whole FUCKING Universe! Metallica SUCKS!!
Adrian: So....Who's Your Favorite band?
Charlie: I would have to say Metallica
Adrian: Dude, That's not cool....Slipknot is Way Better!
by Adrian Pulley February 28, 2006
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A band that is no more...
Now there is Murderdolls and Stone Sour
A band responsible for some of the greatest songs ever like Wait and Bleed, Left Behind and Spit it out
by HoppuS(2) September 06, 2003
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Very loud, very fast band. Fastest drummer I've ever heard, and the rest of the band keeps up and in time. Not the most complicated or artisticly impressive music, but fuck it - it's metal... what do you want?

In the rare moments the vocalist sings, his voice is pretty decent. 90% of the time, he belches out words in a rapid-fire growl-scream that makes your throat hurt to listen to. Effective for the lyrics and crowd Slipknot plays to.

If one is to believe that Slipknot's lyrics represent the true feelings of the band, these guys wake up more pissed off and hateful than any remotely sane human should ever be in the worst situation imaginable. Therefore, it is safe to say they are a marketing creation geared toward angst-ridden 15-23 year old white males. On drugs. A lot of drugs. A lot of hard, powerful, brain-raping drugs. (The band - not necessarily the target market.)

Technically impressive, artistically passable, lyrically horrid to the point of amusement.

Fear anyone who belives Slipknot's lyrics were written just for him out of pages from his life. The average disaffected adolescent white boy is destructive enough - if he rallies around Slipknot lyrics, you've got another Timothy McVeigh just waiting to happen.
by The Evil Steve August 19, 2005
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