a fucking (sic) band. they stand for what is right. they where homemade tribal masks to say that you should not care what you look like because everyone has a talent or something else great about them. they do everything for their fans (commonly reffered to as "maggots"). they can be falsely compared to nu-metal, they cannot be pinned to a certain type of music. their style is SlipKnoT. and out to all you stupid ass mother fucking cock sucking wanna be emo or punk posers out there. you think they suck because you have obviously either no taste in good music (hint the emo and punk) or you have never heard any of their songs. there will never be another band like SlipKnoT, ever. they are the single greatest metal band of all time. if you think they are not talented. listen to a mick thompson guitar solo or a joey jordison drum solo. the rest of the band can do the same as what you hear on these tracks (jim root, chris fehn, shawn crahan, corey taylor, paul gray, sid wilson, craig jones have not recorded solos, they simply kick ass in the songs) all you dumb fucks ARE entitled to your own opinions (no matter how fucking stupid they are) and theres nothing we can do to change your empty minds. so piss off and listen to SlipKnoT mother fuckers.
by maggot #133 January 22, 2006
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Ok, let me give the real definition of this word. 9 man band from Iowa, have came out with 4 albums. The band is NOT black or death metal, i call it simply..metal. The band does have talent, as for the drummer joey (not the best in the world, but up there) and the vocalist corey. Overall this band is fairly good, some of the songs ARE complete bull shit. This definition is coming from someone who listens to ALL genres of metal, slayer, dimmu borgir, absu, cannibal corpse, so i know a little bit about the music.

The slipknot fans need to simmer down and listen to all metal.

As for the bashes, you guys need to mind your own business and put proper definitions.
Man : Hey, do you like slipknot?
Me : Yeah, fairly good band.
Man : Cool, slayer is my fav. though
by Rob December 29, 2004
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A band that is apparently "Nu-metal"
I myself do not particularly care for them. I mean, you know, if you do that's totally fine. Everybody has an opinion. I just like having melody in my music, you know? I also like singers who actually sing instead of grunt. And guitar and bass riffs that haven't been unnecessarily distorted. I mean distortion is cool to a point. But when it's all you do with your riffs, it's just like: "why would you need to do that?"
You know? And i understand that they never asked to be very successful. I get that. I just don't see why they are so successful is all. But like I said, if you like them, that's fine. Be yourself. Maybe you can recommend some of their better songs to anybody who says they suck. I'm sure I've overlooked some of their better stuff. I apologize for any anger my possible ignorance has caused.
Guy 1:I love Slipknot!!!

Guy 2: That's fine. I think they could be a lot better, myself. I mean they have talent, sure, I just don't think that it's being put to good use. But then again, I suppose there are lots of different kinds of music out there, each with it's own fanbase.

Guy 1:Yeah, I suppose I see where you're coming from. I just like fast-paced, loud, kind of "darkish" sounding music.

Guy 2: And there's nothing wrong with that. We all have our own tastes.

Guy 1: Well, thank you for being so open minded.

Guy 2: No problem.

Guy 1:...

Guy 2:...

Guy 1:...

Guy 2:...rap sucks.

Guy 1: Oh, god yes, I hate rap.
by theonewholikesbacon July 26, 2008
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1) A type of knot designed to skip once tied. Common uses for this are;
to increase pressure on the arm revealing veins (often for injections of not-always-legal substances or IVs)
Nooses, for hanging a person by the neck
Provoking suffocation

Negative associations with this type of knot lead to;

2) A metal band with noticeably aggressive, provocative, depressing yet ironically reflective (and practically inaudiable) lyrics. The band, SlipKnot, have caused contraversy because some of there lyrics promote self harm.
The band itself has an overwhelming number of members, and even more fans.
Each use of an intrument played in a track, although talently played, can be described as distorted, aggressive and often chordless...
"Looks like a suicide -- it's a slipknot noose"
"Pass me a slipknot, I need to shoot up"
"Has anyone got the new SlipKnot album?"
by A speaker's curtain November 02, 2006
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A band that recieves a lot of hate from most self-proclaimed metalheads for some unknown reason. Because they're too commercial? Because they have no talent? Because they got a LOT of band members?? Because they wear MASKS??

Well, I will go ahead and reply to these:

1. Too commercial
Well, let me ask you something. When has anyone really played a Slipknot song on TV, the radio, or anything else?? Slipknot did not rely on mainstream help to get popular. They simply became loved by their fans and with their help, they became this famous. And what's wrong with a band being popular? Why exactly does being popular mean that a band sucks? Your "Metallica" and "Slayer" are no less famous than Slipknot, and no less commercial either, for that matter. But they're still kickass bands. So, who cares??

2. No talent
This is the most bullshit thing anyone can say about Slipknot. Go ahead and actually LISTEN to their songs for once, idiots. While it may not sound like it at first, there IS a lot of technical proficiency involved in playing those riffs. And, you say they got no guitar solos? I can name three:
1. Vermillion
2. Welcome
3. Pulse of the Maggots
Go ahead. Listen to them. Guitar solos right in your face. If that's not talent, then I don't know what is.

3. Lots of band members
Yes, I DO agree that some of them are quite useless, but they still help to make the music the way it sounds, even if it's a simple drum crash by Clown. They also help add to the band's image. And to those of you who say image is just a sellout device to get more money, then let me ask you - what bands besides grunge bands have ever not given a damn about image? Even Iron Maiden had quite an image to go with their music, and they're one of the greatest metal bands around. Who cares about how many members a band has, or what they look like? If they rock hard and please the fans, isn't that all that matters?

4. Masks
Most of the band members have shown themselves without the masks by now. So therefore, you can't say it's to "hide their ugliness" or "hide in embarrassment because they know they suck", which they don't anyway. Lead singer Corey Taylor and guitarist James Root also play in a second band called Stone Sour, and they don't wear masks there. Once again, the masks in Slipknot just add to the image. It shouldn't matter any more than the music.

In conclusion, Slipknot is an amazing, talented band that deserves more respect from metalheads everywhere. Just because they're a "new" band doesn't mean they suck. Take the time to listen to them, and you'll see what I mean.
Idiot: Pff Slipknot is such a fake nu-metal band! They've got no talent and hide their ugliness with stupid goth-wannabe masks!

Non-idiot: You're completely wrong. First of all, Slipknot has lots of talent, and if you listen to their new album, you'll actually understand (or maybe not >_> ). And second of all, they've all shown their faces already. They're not hiding anything.

Idiot: .. but.. 80s metal is the only good music around!

Non-idiot: It IS good, but it's not the ONLY good music. Go and expand your horizon, you moron.
by SomeBadJoke December 17, 2006
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a band consisting of 9 members, who currently have 4 albums out and one in production, but please my fellow metal heads, you all need to reailse that hating other forms of metal is just stupid, sure some forms of metal may be different from the kind of metal you may prefer but its no reason to hate other metal genres, im not saying you have to like them but the most deasent thing you can do is at least respect the musicians for their talent and work, the music you SHOULD be critizing is every mainstream or rap peice of shit out there, that shit is the bane of society not metal, so please come to your senses and stop fighting amongst yourselves over what is true metal and what is not, metal is metal plain and simple
Slipknot has some awesome concerts
by Gibson23 August 06, 2008
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An amazing band from Des Moines, Iowa. They successfully combined rap and metal in their first album "Slipknot", made it heavier in "Iowa", and changed it to more alternative metal in "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)" and "All Hope Is Gone". They each wear masks to express their personality and to show it is about the music, not the looks. And no, they are not Satanic. They only used Satanic imagery in "Iowa" era concerts for marketing and shock value. Their bassist died back in May, so RIP. This is their lineup:

#0 Sid Wilson - turntables
#1 Joey Jordison - drums
#2 Paul Gray - bass (RIP)
#3 Chris Fehn - custom percussion, backing vocals
#4 Jim Root - guitar
#5 Craig "133" Jones - samples, media
#6 Shawn "Clown" Crahan - custom percussion, backing vocals
#7 Mick Thomson - guitar
#8 Corey Taylor - vocals
Slipknot are a great metal band!
by MetalHead16 August 20, 2010
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