"hey mishelle, Its late, You should probably go to sleep..."
"Sure! I'll just call you on Skpe first! ^_^"
"I think you forgot how to english mishelle, its sleep"
"Ok so wanna play Aram or Ranked?"
by SexGod696969 October 18, 2014
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Your thinking about your big day tomorrow and your so exited that you don't want to go to sleep but in the next hour you are snoring 😴. Just tells you that sleep just is unpredictable !
Person "ahh I don't want to go to sleep " In the next hour Person is snoring loud
by TheElementOfSuprise April 09, 2017
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something you need !!!!!! seriously get some sleep your really cranky
go to sleep ethan you've been playing fortnite since last weekend!!
via giphy
by shiannelove2008 November 05, 2019
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Describing someone as being unaware of something; underestimating something, not giving or showing something or someone enough attention. To define someone as being ignorant.
Lonzo will be better than Lebron James in like 3 years.”
“You sleep, No one will be better than Lebron. Hes the greatest of all time.”
by Broward Lingo March 01, 2018
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Something you probably looked up at 5:14 AM
I definitely didn't make a definition for sleep at 5:14 AM
by Greg the alien June 04, 2020
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Is like being death without commitment.

If you have a child, roommate, any stay at home animals, live with siblings or neighbours who love drilling into the walls or mow the lawn at 5 am (I’ll get you one day. I know we’re you live) you’ll never get enough of it.

If you’re a parent, a student, a gamer, an artist, actually there’s one one person who gets enough of it.

Dead people
Someone: you look tired, get some sleep you need to rest

Someone: I’ll sleep when I dead.
by CR_ April 27, 2020
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