What many businesses and corporations STILL participate in to this day in the form of sweatshops, human trafficking, and even regular work abuse.
People need to understand that slavery is STILL a thing, in fact, more people are enslaved now than any other time period in history.
by Dubiks March 24, 2019
Meaning: “seriously lost a very excellent ring yesterday“
The “lost” can also be used as “losing
Dude the worst thing just happened
Dude:what was it?
I just experienced slavery
by I lost the big game August 28, 2020
Slavery is what hitler did to the nazis in the german concentration camps
Did you see that nigger be a slave? Man i love slavery
by XxFaggotLordNiggaCancerxX January 14, 2022
Oh I know it still exist. I watch conservative news.
Hym "Oh, I know slavery still exists and I know what I'm talking about is rare but I was referencing the little incident in Haiti or that one plantation in America. On a long enough timeline, the tables could be turned. So who pays the price? Might not be you this time. But it also might."
by Hym Iam September 9, 2022
Work you don't like doing. The job you have sux and even though you get paid for it, its not much. You have to listen to some asshole all day to tell you what to do, where you can be doing more productive activities like for example banging your head against a wall.
I gotta go, time to perform some paid slavery for 8 hours.
by househonda December 7, 2009
Interest you pay on a loan where shareholders sit around and profit off of your hard work.
My loans have become nothing but modernized slavery.
by anticipator March 11, 2017
When you're pressured to take part in work that takes away from your overall peace and well being.
Bob: Joe, you seem so drained ever since you started working that retail gig.I don't see that joy in you anymore.
Joe: Yeah man that place is terrible, straight spiritual slavery, I need the cash.
by Futbol is life April 9, 2019