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Refers to the squatting position often done by Russians and other slavic people while loitering/waiting outside.
I saw a Russian in a slav squat while smoking a cigarette.
by dEX August 22, 2012
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by mmebs June 13, 2021
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Squatting with heels on ground in a tracksuit while eating semechki and drinking vodka. Legend has it that if u do this long enough u will activate the third eye of the Slav
Me and Boris had a Slav Squat session outside semechki factory
by Sidewinderxxx January 09, 2018
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A squat that is performed by Slavs usually whilst they are pumping hard bass.
Slav King: Let's pump hard bass and all do Slav Squats.
Slav 1: *Squats* while drinking vodka.
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by Archived July 10, 2017
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A lifestyle for slavs all over eastern europe
its is only a slav squat if the heel TOUCHES the ground
The 4 comrades were slav squatting while listening to the finest hardbass
by chernobylslav August 13, 2018
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