someone who plays bass guitar and shows off by constantly playing slap pop
wtf this kid thinks hes solid because he can play slap pop. what a slap twat, lets see how good he is when i slap his ass and pop a cap in his ass.
by mr ess February 21, 2009
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The sexual act of ripping out a used tampon from a vagina and proceeding to strike the user of said tampon in the face with it.
Person #1: I heard Mike twat slapped Holly.
Person #2: Ya, I know and I heard she loved it.
Holly: It's true!
by ColoradoShrimper October 31, 2010
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the act of extending the fingers and palm towards the female genitalia to produce an enjoyable sound
"dude sheehan said jenn yelled at his for giving her a twat slap last night"
by taylor butler October 24, 2006
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Noun: When two people (generally females) get mad at each other and slap the others vagina really hard.
Casey: dude i can't walk...

Janis: Why? twat slap?

Casey: This bitch just twat slapped me over the last twinkie.
by debbi harry February 01, 2011
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When two twats slap. Hardcore scizzoring
The two lesbians were sore after twat slapped each other vaginas last night
by Jack broman April 21, 2016
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