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The cheerful celebratory dance of manhood. Usually, though not necessarily, performed after a nice hot shower. Often used as an emotional outlet when feeling: cheeky, happy, horny or bored; Also very useful when communing with nature while in the nude. The traditional slap dance is performed by twisting the torso back and forth very rapidly while keeping both feet squarely planted. This rapid twisting motion propels the penis (and often the scrotum as well) from side to side causing an incontrovertible “slapping” effect as the aforementioned articles collide violently with the legs.
Whenever I’m feeling depressed, I just think about the time I caught Seabass doing the slap dance in front of our bathroom mirror with my pink shower cap on, and I feel much better.
by VSK May 31, 2006
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The act of slapping your penis back and fourth against your body, either side to side or up to down, to create a slapping noise.

One usually engages in this act when either drunk, in strange sexual situations, or in the mirror for your own entertainment. In some rarer situations it has been used in celebration of victory, or high achievements.
"Hey Jon, Ill give you 20 buck ifs you go in the kitchen and do a slap dance in front of grandma"
by con serving time January 18, 2011
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