v. The act of selling illegal narcotics.
Reference the song, "White Tees" by Dem Franchize Boyz: "I bang in my white tee, I slang in my white tee."
by Treva June 02, 2005
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Any non-conventional use of real words, or made up words that aren't recognized by every facet of society. Slang is often misinterpreted by people as the collection of phrases on urbandictionary.com.
My bro posted something on urban dictionary cause he thought it was slang, so me and my friends beat the crap out of him.
by wmballard February 23, 2009
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to sell something, usually referring to drugs, used heavily at northgate high school, a place where the kids think they are famous drug dealers.
"I'm tryin to slang this 10 sack to a freshman for 40, mayne, do you think he would buy it?"

"yeah man, try it"
by slangemeryday April 12, 2010
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What slackers use when they are too fat and lazy to type an actual word out themselves. Some types of Slang consist of LOL, TTYL, WTF, ROFLMAO, and even the occasional: OMFGYSSILYSFMWYMMRNBCILYSFM! meaning, OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU'RE SO SEXY I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH WILL YOU MARRY ME RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH! I'm not sure why people are so lazy, but when they use Slang you know they don't feel like talking to you.
"Dude, why the Slang? Do you even want to talk to me?
"Well, if you're going to sit here and Slang like that, I don't even wanna talk to YOU!"
by The non Slangerr. December 13, 2009
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What Urban Dictionary was meant to define. Now all you see are posts made by idiotic teenagers that just want to rip on school and authorities
Slang words: tight, noob, gay. NOT slang: school, police, parents.
by spel itt rite January 16, 2006
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To sell something. Not always in a legit matter.
I'm going to the hippy tour to slang burittos and my art.

I'm not waiting to get noticed by the artist elite when I can slangmy shit right here on phishlot.
I can't afford to sell my food legit so I'm gonna hit the deadlot and slang my hippy burittos and shit.
by NevahCtrueWealth February 13, 2018
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"The grunt of the human hog (Pignoramus intolerabilis) with an audible memory. The speech of one who utters with his tongue what he thinks with his ear, and feels the pride of a creator in accomplishing the feat of a parrot. A means (under Providence) of setting up as a wit without a capital of sense" (Ambrose Bierce. The Devil's Dictionary. 1911).
by Antinous September 11, 2003
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