Another term for tramp stamp, a tattoo on a woman's lower back.
Guy 1: "Look at that girl's slag tag."
Guy 2: "Don't you mean tramp stamp?"
Guy 1: "Yeah, but I think she's British."
by Adman12 September 21, 2005
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English version of the American term "tramp stamp", defining a tattoo at the base of a womans spine that symbolises that the owner is an easy lay.
Look that bird (woman) has a Slag Tag. I reckon shes a right goer (easy lay)
by Johnny Cockney Boy. January 05, 2006
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Slag tags - when you ejaculate over somebody then draw an outline around the jizz (like the do for a dead body) for it to be tattooed on later.
She's a proper jizz bucket she's covered in slag tags
by CunnyFunt666 May 12, 2018
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a.k.a lovebite or hickie,a mark similar to a bruise, normally found on someones neck, caused by somebody else,sucking hard on the skin. (normally a sexual act by done by a lover) given the name slagtag because if you have one some people may consider you promiscuous.
Just look at Vikki Raymonds neck. the size of those slagtags! she obviously gets around

my boyfriend gave me this slagtag yesterday cause he wants everybody to know i'm taken by him
by H March 06, 2005
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