Another term for tramp stamp, a tattoo on a woman's lower back.
Guy 1: "Look at that girl's slag tag."
Guy 2: "Don't you mean tramp stamp?"
Guy 1: "Yeah, but I think she's British."
by Adman12 September 22, 2005
English version of the American term "tramp stamp", defining a tattoo at the base of a womans spine that symbolises that the owner is an easy lay.
Look that bird (woman) has a Slag Tag. I reckon shes a right goer (easy lay)
by Johnny Cockney Boy. January 5, 2006
Slag tags - when you ejaculate over somebody then draw an outline around the jizz (like the do for a dead body) for it to be tattooed on later.
She's a proper jizz bucket she's covered in slag tags
by CunnyFunt666 March 18, 2018
A person who over-uses the social site 'tagged' to find boy friends/girl friends that are at ridiculous distances to have any sort of decent relationships because they cannon get a relationship where they live.
Derrick: hey, bob, you heard about Diana?
Bob: nope, what's the story?
Derrick: She's a real tagged slag!, she's NEVER had a b.f round here!
Bob: What a looser
by Unknown dude 46 May 9, 2009