1 damaging the eye socket, often time with a penis. And turning the brain into mush.
2 to break a skull open, or to cause serious damage to the head.
Kick my chain again and I'll skull fuck the shit out of you!
by Sick head December 24, 2015
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When a girl sucks your dick and you push her head as far down on your dick as you can.
by Sam the conqueror September 1, 2017
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What you do to someone when you have an unhealthy amount of sexual intentions towards someone.
Person 1: yo i wanna fuck your sister so badly
Person 2: ok sure go right ahead
Sister: oh hell no go away im not getting skull fucked today
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Put a cap in your ass popular from saints row
Johnny Gat to ben king:Ima Skull Fuck that bitch
The playa (the protagonist you): Hope you don't mind hepatitis

Johnny Gat:What? (elevator dings all of you exit)
by Fingerblaster43 September 24, 2017
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