A more brutal variation of face fucking where instead of thrusting into your partner's mouth to reach gratification, the person getting blown grabs the head of their partner and violently pushes it up and down their shaft, most commonly by pulling their hair into a ponytail, although this can also be achieved by holding their head with both hands. This variation is seen as more brutal because of the risk violently jerking your partner's head can have on their neck, with whiplash being the most common injury.
"Hey, man, did you hear about Nika? She went to the hospital last night." "Yeah, dude, I'd heard about a fight between her and her boyfriend" "No, buddy, it's even crazier. He was skull fucking her, and she slipped a disk in her neck. She's going to need a brace for a month."
by Curare the defenestrator December 16, 2022
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When u fuck someones ear till it bleeds.Then after that u get ur penis and whack the back of there head.
Damn Rose that was the best dry skull fuck ever.
by March 15, 2022
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When a man grabs tight on a man/woman's head during oral
He skull fucked me so hard last night
Ram Ranch cow boy love Skull Fucks
by Datz10 February 17, 2020
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To insert ones thumbs into they eye sockets and wrap the rest of your fingers around their cranuim after inserting your man meat into their mouth, therefore fucking their skull.
"She didn't have enough ass to grab while we were in doggy style so I grabbed her by her eye sockets and literally skull fucked her brains out"
by Fukalotayu January 8, 2017
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The act of fucking your partner in the two nose cavitys, ear holes mouth, and the eyeballs.
Kim Kardashian sure did look tired after that skull fuck.
by Wakeandrake April 23, 2015
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When a girl sucks your dick and you push her head as far down on your dick as you can.
by Sam the conqueror September 1, 2017
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