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Someone that is skinny so they have a 6 pack. But dont work out for it just naturally, not anorexic, just skinny. Usually have no other muscle mass either.
He's so skinny i can see a 6 pack on that guy, but look he has no muscle. Thats what u call a skinny pack.
by Joe3645 May 02, 2006
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A skinny pack is when a person's body has barely any body mass and abdominals show.
A: Hey! Look at my six pack!

B: Dude.. That's a skinny pack..
by Pseudonuymm January 25, 2011
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A Skinnypack is when a skinny male is so conceited and skinny that they think they actually have a six pack when really there is just so little skin the abdominal muscles are more visible.
Douchebag: YO! check my six pack bro!

Regular Guy: idiot, your to skinny! you have a Skinnypack!
by balls33445 March 30, 2011
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The skinny pack,” is a phrase the website invented for those guys who go out all the time with their shirts off thinking they have a 6 pack. I’m talking about the guys who are about 6’2 and weigh 120lbs if they are LUCKY.
Guy: Damn, why do girls fancy that guy in Twilight so much? He's just a rat with a skinny pack.
by Leviasean April 17, 2013
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