To be sexually frustrated due to hormonal imbalance leading to very aggressive animal like behavior and humping everything that comes in front of it!!
Dude, I jus saw a skinny man!! Pretty freaed out.

Dude, dont be skinnish...!!

aaron is a skinny bastard!!
by generalsimba February 06, 2010
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skinny - (compound noun/verb)

to make someone or something skinny over the period of nine months. Till the point that this person becomes so skinny that their body can no longer support the pressure of the Earths atmosphere which leads to the implouding of thy said skull crevices.
"i forbid you from skinny-ing your babies!"
by Susan Fitzgibson October 21, 2011
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going naked or topless surreptitiously in a area not approved for nudism, esp. for recreational purposes rather than only copulation or sunbathing
We hiked for several hours into a hard-to-reach area and set up camp. We went skinny for the remainder of the day, which made it a little hard to keep our hands off each other.
by Shon Wan! April 18, 2014
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(stan twitter slang) (noun) Good; iconic; a form of praise and endearment
Twitter User A: Omg, AIWFC is a legendary song. It comes back on the charts every winter!

Twitter User B: I know right! Mariah is so skinny.
Twitter user A: Locals hate it when I use skinny when i like something. Ugh!

Twitter user B: Locals are just mad they’re not 25 pounds, iconic, and skinny.
by skinnylegend February 11, 2018
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The adress of a Somalian military member in the film black hawk dowm
There's a skinny with an RPG
via giphy
by Riper 6 July 13, 2017
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