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A referal to Black people from starving nations in Africa, made popular by the movie Black Hawk Down.
Check out the skinny, he must be straight from the mother land.
by Anonymous June 06, 2003
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The type of women that:

.Hollywood says is 100 lbs and NO MORE!! So basically the sick sons of bitches in Hollywood like their women to NOT EAT GOOD or better yet STARVE TO DEATH!!! The exact opposite of "THICK!"

.can easily expose their ribcage when lying FLAT ON THEIR BACK!!!!!

.are in Hip-Hop videos, covers of Sports Illustrated SWIMSUIT EDITION, covers of PLAYBOY MAGAZINE, etc *pukes.
Some random cat from Mississippi: Ay mane, down hyuh we like our women fed off cawrnbread, cabbage, sweet potato pie, and collard greens! Ya'll feedin' them hoes in Cali the gawddamn leftovas wit dey skinny azz.
by YungPimp June 24, 2007
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I used to be HELLA fat, but then I started throwing my food up and now I'm skinny!
by Lanah L. February 10, 2008
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Somalians and/or Somalian immigrants. Derives from the fact that Somalia is famous for starvation, poverty, etc.
-Who's rollin in that Metro with "Somalia" across the windshield?

Oh, that's the skinny down the street.
by Uncle Wally September 27, 2006
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