(adj.) Having a lower amount of bady fat than the average in whatever country or province you happen to be in. Many women and tenage girls envy this quality, maybe because of the many problems that can be caused by being overweight and the increase in overweight and obese population in the world.
People who are 'skinny' are sometimes frowned upon. Girls who come naturally with this trait, probably by way of a high metabolism, are normally rather proud.
Needless to say, more extreme versions of this trait are dangerous and unhealthy.
Crazy teenage guy #1 who gets intoxicated every twelve hours: Dude, that girl is so skinny!

Crazy teenage guy #2 who gets intoxicated every twelve hours: Yeah. I bet she's anorexic or summit.

*Teenage girl approaches guys*

Teenage girl: I'm sick and tired of you stupid jerks insulting me every day because of my weight! I know I'm underweight and I've increased my calorie intake so you two can just shut the **** up!

*Girl runs away in a fury*

Crazy teenage guy #2 who gets intoxicated every twelve hours: ...did that just happen?

Crazy teenage guy #1 who gets intoxicated every twelve hours: No, man. Hey, let's go get wasted!
by Kazyan October 20, 2006
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everyone chick wants to fucking be skinny
no one will deny it
it makes you feel great
and everyone will compliment you
you'll feel like a queen

but don't be a stupid ass retard
and develop a disorder, i use to be this
way and whenever i was starving i'd love
it because i felt skinny, but no really
it helps and is way more effective if
you're doing cardio and pilates, you'd
build strength and your muscles come out
more and plus you're not tierd and weak
all the time, so don't be fukcing stupid

go fucking work out, and sweat, and if
you're a fatass who cant do that much and
its already too late, then be happy with
yourself and don't make being skinny and
beautiful YOUR LIFE, be fucking confident
im not skinny BECAUSE im 5'2 and 124lbs,
by fuckinflictions September 27, 2008
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not all white girls think skinny is sexy...im not white..im a asian/black but some people think different. Somebody typed in i think "white girls cant get it right". that wuz kinda mean...anyways Skinny is well being thin. i really dont prefer skinny actually, i prefer medium. not skinny. not fat. Skinny can look kinda ugly. most skinny girls have no butts and most guys dont like flat asses. super skinny legs is not attractive either. i am not being mean..cuz i have skinny legs :-((( i dont really like it cuz when i wear jeans they look like i have chicken legs. :(((( but some skinny girls are attractive. so my point is. some skinny girls are unattractive and some skinny girls can be attractive. i am saying this because almost every female wants to be skinny!
Shirley:I love being skinny. Skinny makes me feel sexy and hot.
Lisa: I dont like being skinny. I prefer thick and lucious but not fat.
by Layloni March 22, 2006
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For girls; A gap between your thighs, collar bones showing, rib cage showing, hip bones out, and a flat stomach.
I'm scrolling through tumblr and I see a skinny girl, I want that.
by hopefully_cruel January 13, 2013
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A term used for somlians aka somalis, founded in world war 2. Used now in ottawa.
Ned:"Sir i have located 10 skinnys near the base"
Shooter:"Blow them skinnys
by Rey March 20, 2005
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