Skinhead: one with shaven or close cropped hair. Often possessed of racial opinions, but not necessarily racist ( there's a difference between opinion and hatred you know.) most commonly found listening to punk, such as skrewdriver, or dropkickmurphys however also to be found listening to ska, reggae or two tone. Guaranteed to stand up for their beliefs and not back down, resorting to violence whenever necessary ( unless they're a pacifist wuss, when they really just deserve to be stomped upon).
d00d, that skinhead just beat the complete shit out of these little jews, it was so fucking FUNNNYYYY!!!

woah dude, chill, just because i'm a jew doesnt mean.. ARGH ARGH OW OW WOW UGH! *crack* 'woops, didn't mean to break the jews skull... oh well'
by Bane April 06, 2004
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A person with a shaved or cropped head, wearing a Flight Jacket, Fred Perry or Lonsdale shirt, cammo's or bleachers and 14 or more hole combat boots. Typical for a skinhead gang are the strong ties of friendship between the members. Many have a preference for aggro (agressive behaviour), also amongst themselves. Only a few are racist. In Europe "gay" skinheads outnumber the "straight" ones. Skinhead history is less important for a skin himself than for the ones writing about them.
I'm gay, any problem with that? (ehhh...no) Thought so!
by tripleskin August 08, 2005
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1.) A gang-style fraternity linked to the punkrock subculture that identifies themselves with uniform dress and appearance, with strong shared interests. Loyalty to each other rather than political affiliations is held as the highest ideal.
2.) An army of sad twats who know nothing of true brotherhood, substituting loyalty with beer drinking and mutual ego stroking. They can recite the entire history of skinheads from the "Spirit of 69" books, wear "Hooligan Empire" shirts and date fat girls who attempt to hide their hideousness by dressing like Betty Page, but would never run full tilt into a group of drunken frat boys who were giving one of their loud mouthed "brothers" the beating they so richly deserve. You know who you are, because it's MOST of you.
skin1 "I found a place we can shoot some darts. Wanna go?"
skin2 "Do they have a decent jukebox?"

skin1 "Oi mate! Check out my new Rangers jersey! Let's go watch some footy!"
skin2 "I can't, I'm going to a union meeting tonight. I am so working class."
skin1 "That's cool. Hey! There's those highschool kids from the ska show! Let's go intimidate them!"
skin2 "Hey wait, there's your old friend Bob. Didn't you tell him you'd kick his ass if you ever saw him again?"
skin1 "Well... Yeah. But I'd rather not start a fight because my enormous girlfriend with a pin-up fetish would get mad at me."
skin3 "Hey. It's me, Bob. You got something to say?"
skin1 "Yeah. Let's just have a beer and forget it all. Skinheads should stick together and not fight."
all "Oi!"
by PBR_Rocksteady July 23, 2005
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what all white teenagers should become. They are heroes who are not scared to stand up for their race and way of life. They wont let nigger influences affect their lives like all other white suburban kids do. In a world where white people especialy white kids are embarassed to be white the skinheads are standing up for themselves, their families, their race, and their heritage. WHITE POWER!!!
Im not black, Im white so why should I act black or listen to black rappers and artists? Skinheads are the answer
by Romper Stomp April 19, 2010
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As far as I am concerned, racist or anti-racist, a skinhead is an ignorant, violent, loud mouth twat with the mind-set of a 14 year old. Their "working class" beliefs are basically a poor excuse for working construction all their lives due to a lack of education and the inability to further a real professional career.
wow, that anti-racist skinhead kicked the crap out of that innocent homosexual. Gee, then he went home and beat his wife, drank a beer, and listened to some godawful oi.
by dade murphy March 23, 2005
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1) Rather violent group of people that fit a certain attitude, wear a certain type of jacket, yada yada.. just like any other label.

2) Working class 'racists' sorry folks, of all the skinheads I know, none are racist.

3) Hardcore scenesters that revolve around the working class and thrasher punk or oi.. ;x
1) That skinhead just broke that dudes jaw.. and that was through the padding of his fucking huge jacket!

2) There goes that skinhead again.. talking about opression and hating on Jews.

3) That skinhead is in three different unions, don't know how he keeps it up, but I do know that he really likes OI.
by Lissa May 31, 2004
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