Someone who sucks a penis. In other words playin the flute or giving a blowjob. The term "Flute" in skin flute is reffering to someones cock, penis, weiner, pecker, helmet head, dick, disco stick, etc.
Guy 1: That guy named Jordan from the coffee shop is a proffesional skin flute player!

Guy 2: I know yesterday he tried to play my skin flute but i beat his ass.
by Retwiler January 02, 2010
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it is a magical flute given to every man from god u should practice the flute 5 - 7 times and week or u can have ur gf play it for you
commander carl has no skin flute
by chryan kozagee December 02, 2004
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Skin Flute is an Android app that turns your mobile device into a playable instrument. You can choose what skin you want to play. Then by blowing into the microphone while, using your finger to slide between notes, you can play simple songs.
Where is that sweet music coming from? It's me, I'm playing the Skin Flute on my Android phone.
by SkinFlutePlaya January 17, 2012
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A Penis, in which, the owner sings gracefully while it is being played
When Pick3 plays the skin flute of Lestat, it sounds angelic.
by Jizzy The Kid May 18, 2007
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