Bro, that is one nasty damn skid mark on that device of yours.
Dude, did you see the skid marks on that device we just used?
by Zsal September 24, 2018
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Lines that ur anus crack leaves in ur undies or on things one might sit upon.
Skid Marks in ur undies: Usually smelly poopie turd. May vary in color.

Skid Marks on things u sit on: Could be blood from women who sit on the seat cover while they are on the rag, can also be poopie turd.
by XratedMaiden December 04, 2002
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a brown streak in your boxers from a dirty ass.
I just farted really bad, I hope theres no skidmark !!!
by ARTIE May 08, 2003
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A person who acts like a piece of shit. Can be called "Skid" for short.
Did you know that Bob deals? Who cares that kid is such a skidmark.
by Kerry, Worcester, MA April 29, 2011
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when you have shit in your underwear and get a poop mark on your underwear
person A: "i took that bitch panties off and she had skid marks"
person B: "what the fuck"
by Cenious October 08, 2020
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