an unclean brownish mark on one's underpants
If you would just wipe yourself properly you wouldn't have to deal with a skid mark every time you pulled your pants down.
by Light Joker February 08, 2006
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n. term referring to when your underpants ride up your butt crack and leave a line of poop in the bottom. It is also known as a racing stripe.
Jim didn't wipe his butt thoroughly, for he had a massive skid mark in his underpants.
by The PEN15 club January 01, 2007
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A poo poo stain in your undies that is usually centralized, but not restricted to, the area that makes contact with the anus. Usually a sign that means you need to use toilet paper. WARNING: should you encounter skidmarked undies, dispose of them in short.
Laura Shell left a skidmark in her undies and decided to keep them as a souvenier
by nonselfpooper June 28, 2007
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(n) When feces is excreted while you fart in your underpants. There will be stains on your underpants.
Tim Evans farts loudly in his Physics class and he has to leave the classroom because there is a skid mark in his underpants.
by TimEvans December 12, 2010
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The combination of white underwear with a person with minimal butt wiping skills, or, someone, like Tom, who wears the same pair of undies for 3 days.
Tom wears his undies for 3 days without washing. He doesn't wipe very well and leaves nasty skid marks for his wife to try and get out with bleach and Sunlight bar soap. He's a dirty man.
by Maxwell Smartie June 27, 2009
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Something left in ones underwear when their ass goblin doesn't do a good job.
No problem, my ass goblin will take care... aww shit, he aint doing his job!
by Anonymous October 08, 2002
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