Also known as a Connie lee .
A black chunky line of poop left in the crutch of someone's under wear after not wiping there bums properly.
Ummm dude ya got a Connie Lee in ya jocks. Errrttt. Skid mark

Omg girl is that a Connie Lee I see in ur nikkers.
by Big bad bretto May 25, 2017
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When someone does not wipe all the poopies out of there butt after a shit and it stains there underwear.
Kiersten : Oh Chad let's get naked and Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Chad : Oh baby you don't have to tell me that twice!!!
Kiersten : Oh that's gross you have Skid Marks on your undies!
Chad : Yeah I had Mexican for lunch and been shitin all day can't seem to get all the poop wiped out!
Kiersten : Uh go take A shower or no fucky!
Chad : Maybe you can join me and scrub all the poopies out for me!
Kiersten : Uh Go Fuck Yourself!
by SlopNChop May 11, 2017
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A fecal stain that is visible on one's undergarments.

Also presents in a less structural (and lesser known) form, typically developed from excessive "dry farting". In this form, the skidmark develops in a larger region, yet its definition is not as clear. Essentially, it is representative of a consistent gaseous pounding of one's underpants over a long period of time, and while fairly rare, is unmistakable. Usually, this effect is understandable to about 1/10th of all humans.
I just ran a red light and blasted a massive skid mark all over my BVD's.
by A. Boyd January 12, 2007
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1) Rubber that has been scorched into the road due to the heat caused by friction from someone's tyres when either they brake too hard or have accelerated too quickly from a stopping position and caused a 'burnout.'
2) Stains left on underwear due to poor anal hygiene which indeed resemble the tyre-marks scorched into the road.
1) "Whoa dude, look at that skidmark in the road! Someone must've had to brake to avoid that ominous pool of blood next to that body there."
2) MOTHER: "David, if I find another skidmark in your underpants when I come to wash them, I'm gonna come up there and wash your arse myself you little shit!"
by Stuart Fletcher January 11, 2005
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A line or a spot of fecies left in one's underwear, either because they didn't wipe properly or they did not get all the poop out of their anus.
Mom, I left some nasty skid marks in my undies.
by earth._.turd January 26, 2017
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used to describe the brown marks in unwashed tightey whiteys belonging to someone who just couldnt hold it. or, alternatively, they had an all day wedgie.
Dude! Check out those skid marks! Dad must've had Mexican for lunch today.
by zappafreak May 23, 2004
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n. Poo poo stain in the seat of one's underpants.
I don't wipe; I've learned to live with the skid mark.
by The Grammar Nazi December 19, 2001
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