when a guy takes his cock out of a girl's ass and wipes it on her ass
girl 1: how was the sex with tom last night
girl 2: it was great until he whipped out his cock and gacve me a skid-mark
by Tim Scott May 20, 2006
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The term β€œskid mark” holds multiple meanings. While these meanings may drastically differ, a consistent theme across the meanings is a mark or stain caused by some source of friction.

The meaning covered here will be the slang term for fecal matter that is smeared or scarred about the underwear in the area adjacent to the anus. This is normally caused by poor or insufficient wiping attempts or when the individual has already shit his/her pants and continues to move about, causing the smearing or β€œskidding” of the feces itself.
β€œHey honey, you may have to pre-soak my underwear before you throw them in the wash. They have a huge skid mark in them.”

β€œOh man, I think I crapped with that last fart. I can feel the skid mark grinding in.”
by A. Massey September 25, 2020
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a line of nut/semen on one's bed sheets after sexual intercourse or another name for a accidental birth.
"hey kid you're a skid mark!"
by benjigamerTG September 18, 2020
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A Skidmark is an ass kisser, Dick Rider, cheerleader Bench Player, synchophant, etc. Skidmarks always knows someone that can do something he/she can't do.

You will find Skidmarks hanging around social media platforms kissing worthless people/entertainers asses. Skidmarks will write glowing reviews thinking that a famous person/personality will hear about it and praise them for their efforts
Pernell is such a Skidmark since he snitched on me to the supervision and got promoted..

You're roundhouse is not too bad, but I know a guy with a killer roundhouse. Quit being Buzzkill, you Skidmark.
by BTGSOLDIEROFYHVH December 06, 2018
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