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A bit of time spent in prison. Short bursts of time served under a year.
Before joining alcoholics anonymous, he could always be found at Rikers serving a skid bit.
by Rdukes October 28, 2017
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1. Crusty particulate matter that can flake off of a bad skidmark on underwear found sitting in the hamper for a few days.
2. Name given to someone, usually in jest or under moderate road rage situations, when you are disrespected.
1) Marcie screeching as she is holding up a pair of underwear with a stick that she pulled out of the hamper: Who's chonies are these!!! They got skidbits all over my laundry!!! Choncho!!!

2) Hey Skidbits, stop drinking all the beer I bought!!!
by Aces_n_Eights June 01, 2018
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