a person that can skate, unlike the dipshit haters that wear skate shoes and then slag off skaters, stoopid posers, fuck them!!!!
most of the people who did entrys for skaters are fucked in the head
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
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sum1 who likes to skate.they dont hav to be good they just hav to enjoy it if u like to skateboard ur a skater.but dumbass posers who spell skate with an 8 are posers
He likes to skateboard therefore he is a skater not a dumbass sk8er
by rob January 08, 2004
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person who skateboards, wears skater type clothers like Independant.
Avril Lavigne thinks she's a skater but shes really a poser.
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
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A person who is cool,hasfun, and is not a poser.
(for poser, see poser)

Also see:
C'mon homeys! Let's go land this tiny little 3 set!
by Kelly Tian November 25, 2004
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the people with the really comfortable shoes who carry around skater boards- usually found at skate parks or on the streets-skating. in my opinion skaters are a cute breed, unlike townies.
townie: oi u! get here u piece a scum
skater: piss off
by ihatethem November 12, 2004
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someone (usually a guy) who enjoys skateboarding in their free time. not the losers who do it to get girls etc. true skaters are fucking ace people...
fuck, henry is an awesome skater
by who knows March 13, 2005
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Someone who rides a skateboard, thinks they can do whatever they see in the tony hawk video games, and laughs at anything even if it isent funny.
john: hey sean i was playing thp8 yesterday and i did a mcvariel!

sean: omg i can soooooo totaaly do that!

john: hey sean guess what

Sean: what?

John: anus!


In conclusuion skaters are pretty annoying.
by imjustapoorboynobodylovesme December 03, 2006
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