a person that simply likes to skate and doesnt care about anything else, what people think of him or what goes on. a real skater could care less about his appearence, all he needs is his skate board and a nice skate spot. so forget the stupid shopping for skate clothes just to look like a skater, because thats going to come off as a poser. a real skater only needs his skateboard and doesnt worry about being one.
i was going over at my friends house because hes a skater and has a nice rail.
by stup1dcr4cker January 02, 2008
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someone who enjoys it like a hobby or fad, thats just not right! A real skater is someone who starts skating because their bored or someone who just likes the feel of skateboarding. if you don't know what skateboarding is, then you must live in nowhere ville. Most people think their druggies or pot heads. Their not, because skating is the greatest high you can ever get. Plus you never crash off that high.
Skater: Hey man, you wanna go skate

man: Umm.... whats that?

skater: You know what, never mind, lets just go back to your house in Nowhere Ville!

man: Umm....yeah, what?
by Skater Scene! March 21, 2008
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a real person that loves skate-boarding and lives for it.they actually grow up doing what they want and arent posers that wear the clothes and say they can skateboard when they dont even know what trucks are or what spitfire is.
people stero-type way too much and say oh,a skater is someone with greasy hair and fucked up clothes..wrong.

the person likes to be original and does not give a fuck what the world thinks.

they are usually hilarious with an exellent sense of humor and love to make people laugh with trying crazy,narley things,stunts,and tricks.

people who say sk8r are indeed,fucking lame.

skateboarding is about being free,not giving up,feeling the wind on your face,not giving a fuck about anything else in the world,that burst of adrenaline that hits you everytime you get on a skateboard.

anyone who never has skateboarded has no clue of how great it feels to be free basically.

so think again,next time you stero-type or call yourself a real skateboarder.
skater poser:yeah,i did a kickflip today..

me:cool..so what kind of trucks do you have?

skater poser:uh..ford?

me: (just shakes head walks away.)
by xomeghanxo February 17, 2007
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Some one who skateboards
Don't listen to that britany bitch. I am a skater and i have a girlfriend and i skate. So girls do like skaters too
by matt November 28, 2004
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someone who skateboads and who always get judged and opressed by townies. but u might want know that we also hate stupid posers who have never stood on a skateboard in their life and and call them selves "sk8ers".
skaters are smart but its just a few stupid twats who make us all look like idiots.
townie: wat u got for me blad
skater: fuck off!!!
townie: u gettin rude blad
skater: wat u gonna do
(townie runs off)

townie: wat u got for me blad
poser: (starts crying) allowit man
/townie jacks his phone...
by skatersrule February 18, 2004
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n. A person who skateboards or rollerblades. That's what I thought a skater was, but apparantly there are certain things associated with it (and I don't even skate). There should be no stereotypes attached to this word, or to any other person for that matter, but sadly, there are.
Billy skateboards, therefore he is a skater.
by KnowledgeSeeker October 31, 2006
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A skater is either a skate boarder, a BMX rider or a blader. Contrary to common belief they are just as hard as each other, they are just hard in different ways. There are 3 types of skatepark that I know of vert, street and park. Vert is halfpipes and vertical drops, some in-vert and roll-ins. Street is rails and stairs etc,. Park is ramps, mini-ramps, spines, boxes, fun-boxes etc,etc.

I am aware of the skaters (name and class undefined)who hang around the skate park with their slut-goth girls and smoke, drink and swear at passer-by's. Rarely are any of these fags any good.

Real skaters are friendly people, who go to work and don't do drugs normally. They don't beat up beginners or terrorize people. Some people watch TV for entrainment, we skate, same same is the way i look at it.
Me: Lets go skating on Saturday.
Shaun: I'll come at 10;30, is that alright.
Me: Yes.

Now this is how it doesn't happen:

Fag 1: Lets "skate" on Saturday.
Fag 2: K, i will bring some girls so we can impress them because we are pro skaters.
Fag 1: K let's go at 11.

Later Fag 1 and Fag 2 turn up at the skate park and Me and Shaun are already there. They are such fail that their girls ignore them. LOL they fail.
by th3undead February 05, 2009
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