Skaters are also known as either
"emos" or
There normal people but there labeled as complete twats.
All they mostley do is skate. Then they get bored of skating and go BmX or summt.
Two skaters sittn on the ramps:
Skater 1: "Dude wheres ma skateboard"
Skater 2: "Dude ..........ur on it."
by jess-blah March 28, 2007
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1. A really cute guy that usually hangs out at a skate park and skateboarding (go figure)

2. A hot guy who usually has long hair, wears skinny jeans, Vans, hoodies, etc.

3. Someone who is "real" and not self-conscious, tells it like it is. You can't fake that type of kick-ass personality. (Well, you can, but it's much too obvious)

4. Someone with a kick-ass smile and gorgeous eyes, but turns around and breaks your heart
"Skater" is a synonym for "heartbreaker"
by ThisBrokenCitySky January 11, 2009
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a person who generally tends to skateboard not "fruitboot". a lot of skaters cannot skate worth shit. i am a goth, and can skate board better then most of my skater friends..
by anti-god August 08, 2003
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Apart from being used for someone who skateboards.

In Sydney, Australia it is also used to describe ICE (Crystal Meth, which resembles ice)addicts when high. Most are either classed as straight or shakey skaters, depending on how they act when high. Straight skaters are the more stable that get high and take a few days to come down. Shakey skaters are alot less stable, often getting high and crashing within an hour or even a few minutes. They then wander around in shock daze for weeks at a time randomly fighting people and other similar stuff.
Man, that dude was off his nut crazy, he was a full skater.
by DJMF March 22, 2006
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Sometimes mistaken for a grunger, into skating mainly boarding but can be inline. Doesn't necessarily have to be able to skate but the original skaters do. Baggy jeans, tops and big shoes.
Check out the SouthBank, London uk
by Roxy January 02, 2004
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some one that skate boards. i used to be one but cos i sucked i gave up so therefore i am not a skater although i wear their clohes and listen to their music i am me and i wash my hair evry day.
p.s good charlotte are just a pop group with guiters and avril lavigne is hated by even skaters
by jimbo March 26, 2004
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