skater is any one who skates.if u try to get better every day always trying to get that next big move your a skater . if u try to skate but still cant do anything but keep trying your still a skater no matter what someone says because every one started the same way. and it doesnt matter what you where. u could be goth, prep, gay , emo, and still be a skater i dont care what other people think. i skate in ripped "american eagle" jeans ,shirt and my vans, my friend is a football player jock and he skates like anyone else. were not pot heads or anything were just people who like to skate. your not a posser if your not a hard core skater yet . your only a posser if u carry a board with u every where just to get girls but cant even skate on it
hot girl: hey nice board are u a skater. skaters are hot
posser : yea i skate
hot girl: can u show me?
posser: i would but i hurt my foot doing a trick
hot girl: o poor baby u must be hard core .how about some other day?
posser: sure want to make out for now?
hot girl: ok

by markeus July 28, 2006
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a cool person with a life. hates them stupid chavs that smoke and loung around. likes skating, rock music, and everything anti-chav.
by Darius November 28, 2003
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A skater is someone who rides a skateboard, and gets pleasure out of doing it. One thing that really ticks me off is when someone calls a skater a punk (mostly gay townie wankers do this),as skaters are just skaters :) . So all you gay townies out there IM NOT A PUNK!
Most skaters these days are really friendly and dont call biginners posers, and actually help them.
Also most people think us skaters do drugs, ok, some do, but most dont, I ve been skating for 2years and havent touched a spliff.

A young skater at a skate-park
Noob: Oh, dude sweet Kickflip, teach me how.
Experienced guy: Yeah sure.
2 weeks later....
Noob: Yeah! I can Kickflip!
Expereinced guy: Oh nice one Lil' Buddy ;).
by Majik May 25, 2007
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A person that skate boards. It doesn't matter what you wear. You can dress "Preppy" and skate. It doesn't matter what race or gender you are either. You don't have to skate good to be a skater. You don't have to own a board. You can use somebody else's. The music you like-DOESN'T MATTER. A "Skater" is exactly what it sounds like.
:) Skater's are pretty cool. Such as... I am one myelf.
by jennifer lowry May 26, 2007
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skating the most awsome thing on earth and the only style defined by not what you listen to but what you do skaters do get arrested alot but never steel only get in skate get out and they tend to be anarchests for this reason
me:dude lets hit the park
david:fuck yes dude
by c.a.m June 10, 2005
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1.One who rides a skateboard.
2.One who has skills in skateboarding.
3.Term some posers declare themselves to be
1. "I ride a skateboard therefore I'm a skater." Johnny says.
2. Marc Johnson is a skater.
3. Mike says he's a skater but he's just a poser
by Semispozzle June 06, 2004
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A person who loves to skakeboard and don't give a F*** about anything else. They also tend to be really funny. And like to make fun of people and like to play pranks on them!
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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