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A skatepark slut is a stupid female who feels the need to hang around the skatepark a minimum of 3 times a week, to do absolutely nothing but sit there, usually in their element or volcom wear that they got from Pac Sun, and look cute just in case one of the skaters happens to take a break and look their way. (Even tho that is absolutely ridiculous because guys are their to skate, not to pick up girls). Usually once a week, a skatepark slut will ask to borrow some guys board and attempt to skate down a ramp, and 100% of the time she will fall on her ass and giggle like the stupid slut she is...winning her no points what-so-ever with any guy. (unless he wants some action)
skatepark slut: oh hey jonny can i see your board for a second? (annoying giggle)
johnny: uh ya sure
skatepark slut:(still giggling annoyingly as she climps up the ramp) omg do you think i should try this, omg im going to...wait! omg im scared *more giggling*okay here i go!!!
*falls on her ass, with more trying to be cute laughs*
by kaleyissuperawesome12 January 01, 2006
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A female who hangs around the skatepark and flirts with the skateboarders. It can also be a female that goes out with a lot of skateboarders or a person of either gender that has a tendency to be at the skatepark.
She's going out with another skateboarder?!? Geez, what a skatepark slut!
by smileysarah December 13, 2005
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Also known as a Skatepark Hoe, a Skatepark Slut will go to a skatepark, sit around in skateboarder clothing, then try to hook up to any desparate skater. She will also ask to use peoples skateboards to fake a fall, then laugh and scream to distract skateboarders. They will also scream if a skateboarder rides near them, even if they are 10ft away. One of the biggest signs of a Skatepark Slut is when you catch them giving hugs and/or kisses to multiple people throughout the day. If you are hooked up to a Skatepark Slut, you should realize that when she is talking to other skaters, she is really flirting with them, because sometimes it is hard to realize. Skatepark Sluts are really low, and posers. Stay away and if you impress them, do what they do, lure them in. Then tell them you hate sluts, and that'll probably solve that problem. Good luck, and dont fall for Skatepark Sluts!
Dude, ya no dat chick you think hooked up with is just a Skatepark Slut, right?
by Robot Noah June 16, 2009
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A giltht hangs around the skatepark for no reason, ranging from the age of 12 to 15.
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
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