duech bags that get in the way of bmxers
bmx dude: i almost landed that tailwhip but i hit one of the skateboarders

friend: i know right

skateboarder: i think i need to go to the hospital my rib is moving

bmx dude: well i'm fine
by bmxdude December 26, 2009
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a person who rides on a skateboard (DUH!)
Sk8r: check out that sk8boarder do a nosegrind...sweet!
Sk8boarder: Dude!! I'm a.....dude sk8boarding rulz!!
by thegrrlontheinlineskates November 02, 2003
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A TRUE skateboarder is someone that thinks rap is really gay. they like rock and the poser skaters are dissed by the real skaters. real skaters just hate it that school ruins like a third of your life. and it pisses them off how they have no choice, it pisses them off how GUYS wear HOLLISTER SHIRTS!!! That shows a true fag. skaters just arent afraid to stand up and speak there mind. unlike football players. who think getting drunk is "soo cool" thats all they do on off season. they sit on there ass and get drunk. skateboarders are always getting better physically and gaining balance and things. unlike like gay jocks that wear there american eagle and hollister shirts. fags.
jock: check it out! i can chug a beer in 20 seconds!
skateboarder: umm ok? check this out, i can tre flip a 10 stair!
jock: o. uh.... check out my pink hollister shirt!
skateboarder: nice... fag
by ipartyhard April 08, 2007
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A person, usually a teenaged floppy-hair kid with tight jeans and logos eveywhere who thinks by buying a skateboard they are instanly cool. They usually have no idea what they are doing and look quite stupid while trying to figure out which side you put on the ground.
Posuer: hey! cool scene kids of whom i am trying to imersonate! look at my new skateboard!
Kids: How much was that deck?
Posuer: Huh? What? I'm just trying to be a skateboarder! Mommy!
by sugar-coated-suicide August 18, 2006
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the fully sikest people in the world you enjoy riding the plank of wood on four wheels. and when these sik ppl get stoned they think of wikid names such as "olly"
1. check out that skateboarder on the ramp! he's WIKID!
2. chick1: that dude is so cool.
chick2: yeah he is a skateboarder
by MOINKEY January 08, 2004
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Some one who pushes wood and thinks that they are automatically cool beause of it. Often found crowding the local streets being gay.
Wow! Look at that skateboarder being gay and spanking his plank!
by Densyl May 13, 2004
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Skateboarders often call there own sport an "extreme" sport, when there is nothing extreme about it. When your walking up town and you see someone skateboarding nine times out of ten all you see them do is push themselves around on a piece of wood and fall. They attemt tricks that are not even at great hieghts or great speed. They will generally fall which results in a lot of bitching and moaning. The occasional throwing of a chunk of wood around as if they land that trick all the time with there eyes closed. Lots of time you will see them jump and spin there board out of control as if it is a trick. Also,when is the last time you've ever seen a skateboarder doing something life-threatening? They can say that stupid "mega-ramp" thing all they want but even a unicycle could jump that high if you gave it a big enough ramp. I'm tired of them saying that there "sport" is the best sport out there and nothing else compares to it, when in fact there wrong. It puzzles me that out of all the extreme sports, skateboarding, is the most popular. My guess is that very few have the balls to try something dangerous/creative like blading, BMX, and others. Skateboarding is just for those who can't do anyhthing big so instead they just spin around there piece of wood a foot off the ground and call that the greatest sport?
"Hey look at that hunk of shit rolling towards us, oh no wait thats just a pack of skateboarders"
by B-rent15 September 26, 2007
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