okay skaters are the shit, some people who are not very well educated in it seem to think that skating is just somebody pushing a piece of wood on wheels along. this may indeed be the stereotypical "skater" that people have come to know as the definition, pro skating is a lot different. skaters do tricks, bad ass tricks. they fall over they hurt themselves for sure but they get up again. damn right they are cool. skater hussys are not cool though
by janine April 18, 2004
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Someone who does something good with their life and somehow gets the blame for vandalising and known to cause trouble lol but theres more than that theres a lot of skill and pain in it aswell why not go on www.mikesole.8m.com just sk8 for fun if u dont ure not a true skateboarder.
and if u pose with a skateboard ure just a townie trying to look cool.
by michael March 30, 2004
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Some one who has 100% more skill than a rollerblader, 100% more determination, 100% more accuracy, 100% more fitness, and just all out is 100% better than a rollerblader.A standards are 100% higher in skateboarding than rollerblading and its 100% harder than rollerblading which makes it 100% more challenging than rollerblading meaning that the sport will go 100% further than rollerblading.
by Darren Thomson April 27, 2005
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a person who skates. a skateboarder shud be called a skateboarder only when they are PROFESSIONAL and not just goofy ass punks who stick a skateboard in their armpits jsut for the heck of being seen with a skateboard stuck in their armpits. and please avril disgraces the name of skateboarding, she is also a disgrace and a shame to the name of punk n she probably doesnt even knw what anarchy means. shes is just another one of those wannabe punks. real skateboarders r pretty rare but for those real skateboarders out there U GUYZ RULE
i am a real skateboarder and not a wannbe faggot.
by aSskIcKiN sKaTebOrDeR October 04, 2003
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awesome people who skateboard for the fun of it not just to look cool
the male skaters are often known to look extremely hot and have long hair.
only 1 in 7 skaters will listen to rap *ever* if your skateboard is from k mart and not from an actual skate store
then it sucks balls.
1)every girl at mayport middle wants to go out with Bobby Allen he's the hottest skater at mayport middle.
2)got trucked by a group of skateboarders when she tried to skate their spot on a spongebob board.
by bobby allen luvr January 20, 2005
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Follower of a sport that's been dead for over a decade, skates on decks that are way too thin, has most likely never skated a pool, or couldn't even name some of the classic SoCal spots, all the while spending time learning complicated flashy shit while they can barely ride their boards that they most likely paid way too much for.

Commonly seen escorted off of church property because most of the skateparks were closed after Gator was sent to prison.
"Birdhouse sucks!"
"Bam Margera is god."
"'Casper Boyden'? Never heard of him. He create a move or something? "(Also See Alan Gelfand and Steve Caballero)
"Drop in? I'd rather talk trash and hurt myself in comical ways."
by MadCow August 31, 2004
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One who never lands anything and bitches about rollerbladers.
Hey, look at that skateboarder in the tight pants getting angry.
by Doornail April 03, 2005
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