real skateboarder: a person that skates for the sheer joy n love of skateboarding;gets blamed for every little peice of vandalism on the church; real skateboarders just dont give up n when they get the crap knocked out of them they get their asses back up n try it again(took me twelve tries n 2 broken wrists to drop in on a 17 foot halfpipe. i loved it!)

poser skater: 1) skateboards to be "cool". usually start skateboarding right after they hang up their jockstraps.2) skateboards to get recognized by girls or some other kind of pussy excuse. they but a target board n think that they can automatically do a 900.
just skate man. dont pay attention to posers cuz soon they will be onto something else, like hoola hoops. relax n show em wut u got real skateboarders (u kno hoo u r)SKATE ON!!
by tommy fynn (recognize!) March 01, 2005
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A person who skateboards (well who'd a thunk it??) There are 2 types of boarders
1) People who can actually do shit, and do it for the sake of skating, for the pure joy. They don't just give up if they injure themselves once.
2) People who only skate cause they think it's cool and actually can't skate but promote themselves as skaters just because they bought a board. Also, the only other skateboarder they know is Tony Hawk. Commonly think that decks are in your backyard, where you put your lawn furniture on.
1) *enter name* is a skate boarder.
2) real: nice deck, dude.
fake: um...thanks? My mom just had it repainted.
real: huh? no...deck...you know...part of your board...you helflip on it and do McTwists...
fake: hey..aren't McTwists some sort food at McDonalds...
real: OK then...*coughcouchsneeze*loser...
by Bex December 03, 2003
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a person who doesnt play with balls, but uses them.
skateboarder: what did you do today

jock: kick my ball around, how bout you

skateboarder: kickflipped a 10 stair

jock: oh and i drank sum cough medicine for fun

skateboarder: you are awesome

by skateboarding<3 December 11, 2006
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People who chose rather to go outside and have some honest fun by skateboarding, than to sit inside and try to make fun of someone using a dictionary website. And for reference I am not a poser. I am the whitest kid you'll ever see skating down your street, nor am I a vandal unless you consider breaking a skateboard while doing a trick vandalism. Also my clothes aren't baggy or tight they are normal fitting pants that don't show my "butt-crack" and shirts that don't make me look like I'm wearing bedsheets. And the only reason I have an expensive skateboard is because I worked hard and saved up for it instead of buying designer clothing.
"That skateboarder looks like he just saved 15% on his car insurance by switching to Geico." "He must be smart."
by ZING +1 (Ryan) May 27, 2007
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True Skateboarder: One who rides a skateboard for the fun of doing it. Usually they are the kids that go to skateparks and stay for hours without giving up because they want to learn a new trick.

Poser Skateboarder: One who thinks that owning a skateboard instantly makes him cool. Usually they are the ones that carry their skateboard everywhere, including school. Most of the time they wear really tight clothes and grow their hair out.
True Skateboarder: "Hey man did you see that triple kickflip?"

Poser Skateboarder: "Nah man I was flippin' my hair"

True Skateboarder: "You should try that"

Poser Skateboarder: "Nah man I might rip these new tight jeans"
by philbert249 August 24, 2010
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Okay first of all Its not a plank of wood. It is Maple Wood. Second of all Skaterboarders cant do drugs or they fall
Skateboarders:Hey I just landed an Mctwist
Skater Hater: So its still a plank of wood
Skateboarder: Its Maple wood smart one
by Joesnep April 07, 2006
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someone who has found an alternative to pussy prep sports. Bikers are cool too. Dont be hatin.
Dude, that was gnarly.
by Ing Q Silo September 08, 2003
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