The mortal enemy of the rollerblader, scooter fag and rent-a-cop. Known to hunt in packs the vicious skaters will threaten and attack if provoked. Sharing a common enemy with the BMXers these groups have been known to hunt together however it is common to see skaters and BMXers in conflict over there shared habitat.
The skateboarders pray on the helpless scooter fag and tear him limb from limb
by Fallen55 February 24, 2009
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some one who has taken an alternative to foot ball and all the other traditional sports. And they pretty much live for the sport.
people who dont think that that skateboarder has much skill havent tryed skateboarding
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
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Someone who rides a skateboard. Most these days do it just because it became a trend. Though some still skate for the love of skating, which happens to take great skill and the ability to get back up after fucking youreslf up.
Many people are jealous of real skateboarders.
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A person who chose a cool sport instead of putting on a jockstrap and jumping all over men.
It's cool how skateboarders don't jump all over men like football jocks.
by XFS November 09, 2003
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anyone who loves skateboarding and actually appreciates and tries it. As soon as you say, "im tired of skating lets do sumthing else," you lost your title as a skateboarder. Skateboarders can be from any social group. I skate everyday and never get tired of it. That means that yes i am a skateboarder. Although sum dumbasses smoke pot and use drugs, not all skateboarders do. Not all skateboarders listen to rock either. I listen to rap music and wear loose baggy clothing. It doesnt matter if you play a team sport or not. Most people will laugh when they see a skateboarder try to do something and bust their ass. Then when asked to do it themselves they back down like pussies. To be a skateboarder you have to want to skateboard all the time. And be ready to skate at a moments notice
Tried to ollie a six set and i busted my ass
brittney laughed and made fun
as soon as i asked her to demonstrate how to olle a six set whe backed down and ran away

i have to use the word skateboarder
by Tha_Messiah March 20, 2007
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Some one who puts much effort into the sport that accualy requires skill, not just jumping, like bladers fruit booters
The olly is the jump it needs to be learned, blading, you already have your full jump at the start
by Person March 22, 2004
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