Celebrated or more like grieved on Valentine's day. S.A.D. stands for Singles Awareness Day. You get the point.
Singles Awareness Day helped me realize how much of a loser I am.
by wyldthinker February 14, 2008
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Valentine's Day for single people. I heard about it from a friend.
(a three way phone conversation)
Girl 1: Hi girls!
Girl 2/Single Girl: Hi!
Girl 1(to girl 2): Happy Valentine's Day!(Now directed toward Single Girl)Happy Singles Awareness Day!
by TheBlackMew February 15, 2007
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a day more commonly known as Valentine's Day, but for those who are single, it goes by the name of Single Awarness Day. If you notice, the initials of this day is S.A.D.
Mary-"Hey Happy Valentine's Day!"
Fred-"You mean Single Awarness Day."
by volleyballer_82 February 15, 2008
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see Valentine's Day. Also known as S.A.D., Singles' Awareness Day is how perpetually single people refer to Valentine's Day.
As Jenny began to notice conversation hearts and sickening mushy cards gracing the shelves of retail stores, she knew that Singles' Awareness Day was coming up.
by Yelsie December 31, 2011
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Also known as Valentines Day. This is the one time of year where you are guaranteed to feel absolutely horrible about yourself because you do not have a significant other. It is the day where you sit around your house in your robe, watch The Notebook, eat a lot of chocolate and think about why no one's attracted to you.
Suzie: *crying cuz Bobby dumped her*
Becky: "National Singles Awareness Day is upon us. Let us watch chick flicks and gorge ourselves with chocolate candy. Somehow this will make you feel better."
Suzie: Ok!
by lauren000007 February 5, 2006
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falls on February 14th. its what single people celebrate while there couple friends go on dates
Joe: hey how is your valentines day going?
Zach: oh i celebrate National singles awareness day. i hate the presents and stuff
by Zach Bess February 15, 2008
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A made up holiday that overlaps valentine's day for people too ugly or crazy to get some.
by Sierrapants February 15, 2008
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