when you are alone without a partner you are not involved with anyone and most of the time you miserable being
question:do you have a girlfriend?
answer:no i'm single
by cutie December 26, 2003
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When a girl or guy is able to now be slutty, whorey, manslutty, or manwhorey.
are you taken?
no i'm single
cool. i wish i was because it would give me some air.
by jessie lydia dashhon March 30, 2008
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An eight of an ounce of marijuanna (or 3.5g), the common amount of marijuanna purchased by a single person. Also commonly called as an eighth.
Hey whats up bro, can you get me a single?
by jimmyjoejon January 22, 2008
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Singles is a term for Cigarettes commonly heard in large cities.

Possible origin could be Cincinnati.
Hey brosef, you got a single?
by JeR ReS GeS October 13, 2007
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3.5 grams of marijuana.
Pothead: What up, Pablo, can I get a single?
Pablo: Yea, go ahead and stop by.
by Anonymous August 01, 2004
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1. Describes a person whose marriage/live in relationship has ended and whose next marriage/live in relationship hasn't begun yet. (This condition lasts about 2 weeks or less.)
John's wife was killed in a car accident and he was single for a week.
by MrFranklin June 11, 2006
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You are only single if you don't have a wife or husband and only that.
You are single if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or are engaged because you aren't married to them.
Friend: So you're not single anymore because you have a new boyfriend?
Me: No, I'm still single, I'm not married to him. DUH
Friend: Ohh, yeah!
by Nikkykitty April 20, 2008
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