A coping mechanism invented by a special group of men at the very bottom of the pecking order to delude themselves into thinking that they could make friends if they wanted to, that they could get women if they wanted to, and that they could be the boss, but chose not to. Being a "sigma male" is the lowest a man can sink. If you define "beta males" as "domesticated men", then a "sigma male" is a man who is not only domesticated by society to the point of being unable to express their true thoughts, feelings, desires and interests in fear of being rejected and/or made fun of again, but also, unlike the traditional beta male that is at least to some extent in touch with their reality, "sigma males" delude themselves into thinking that this is not their reality, that they do not care that they're alone and unloved, and that they don't care about social hierarchy, despite them already falling short of this claim just by the fact alone that they're trying to get people to buy into their frame that they're part of this category of "aloof men that are not social rejects but actually looked up to". "Sigma males" commonly completely lack self-awareness, which is also why they don't realize that they're contradicting themselves every time they open their mouth to proclaim their made up definition of themselves, not just by the fact that they do it in the first place, but also with every sentence they say to describe themselves.
"I'm a sigma male, I don't care about social hierarchy, I could be on top of it but I choose to be outside of it because I'm too cool! I'm humble and all women find me sexy, but it's hard for me to find an interest in women because not many women can match me, and beta males wish they could be me but they could never be as cool as me!!"

- "I see, it sounds like you're really doing a lot better these days. :) Well, I'm afraid that's all the time we have for today, but would you like to come in again tomorrow at 6pm?"

"You think they're insufferable now? Just wait until they become self aware, then they'll run around telling you that "they WOULD describe themselves as sigma males, since the definition applies to them, but they don't want to associate themselves with the people that traditionally use the term." "

--See the amount of coping "sigma males" (Thumbs down) triggered by this definition in comparison to other engaged users (Thumbs up) below--
by COPING OMEGALUL April 28, 2021
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another lame term for men to use instead of just admitting most people don't like them because they have the social skills of a broken crayon. Y'all are sad lmao
"I'm a Sigma Male"
"Nah you're just unlikable"
by UnholyBussy January 31, 2021
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A term used by Beta Males to trick themselves and people that don't know better into thinking they're just "Really really quiet Alpha Males, guys!"
Person 1: Hey, Beta! Give me your lunch money!

Person 2: I-I'm not a Beta! I'm a Sigma Male!

Person 1: You know that when you use stupid made up internet words I have to give you a swirly, right?
by lmaogottem May 22, 2021
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Sigma males are the introverted version of an alpha male. Sigma males are lone wolves by nature and share equal dominance to alphas. Though they don’t appear in the hierarchy, they chose to sit outside of it.
Bro David is like the alpha of the group, he’s kinda our leader and makes the plans and pulls people together.

Well, Conner is an alpha too he does the same things as David sometimes.

But Conner is never with us he just shows up and pulls everyone together occasionally.

Yes, but he just isn’t always around, he has priorities. But he still makes time for us. He just chooses to do his own thing most of the time. So he’s not an alpha, but he’s a sigma male. Chooses to walk alone, but everyone respects him the same as David. When he wants the company he comes around. Otherwise he just follows his own path and goals.
by February 24, 2021
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A term used by socially inept retards who want to feel special.
You don't understand mom! I sit alone at lunch because I'm a sigma male!
by Stinkton August 26, 2021
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