When mom and dad refuse to get involved with sibling problems and the siblings take action
I don’t care about that”
Sibling Law is in place - everyone choose a side”
**group beating commenced until justices feels served**
by LGG000 October 21, 2019
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siblings day is made up just for you to show love to your siblings
my siblings are posting me for siblings day
by giffy wiffy July 12, 2022
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Similar to friend zoning but with the added insult of being "family" (love you like a brother/sister).
Him: You know, I really care about you.
Her: Oh, and you know I love you like a brother.
Friend: Ouch, sibling smashed. That's gotta hurt.
by Kate Chopin April 23, 2015
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when a thot and her man break up so she fucks with his brother too cause shit why not
she's sucking his brother's dick? she's such a sibling snatcher!
by mcmaddo March 18, 2017
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Getting your siblings to back you up in an online argument
Look at her, there's no way she would have said that. Her brother must have had her sibling squiring again.
by Nanamiraptor August 9, 2015
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"when we came out of the womb, we got stuck becuase we thic siblings."
by thic dude September 28, 2017
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that one sibling that only leaves their room for food, but when they come out they're a total pain. you only get along with them when your being mean to some else otherwise you can't say a word to them without them getting mad or angry.
Latashia is def the toxic sibling, she comes out of her room, asks me what's up then yells at me to shut up.
by baldgirl February 5, 2021
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