Not giving as much money as expected.
"Yo, bitch! You shy a couple 'o bucks!
Fork ova another twenty!"
by person yo-yo April 18, 2004
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Being reserved or showing nervousnessor timidity in the company of other people.
Unknown: Hey, can you do this for me?
You: no because I'm shy
by EveryTimesNow April 19, 2017
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To put money on the street as a loan and collect points on the backside or "earn."
I need to get my shy back now that my book making biz is in the toilet.
by billbaroo November 21, 2008
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A male who almost shits and pisses there pants at the same time when either talking to girls, giving a speech, meeting somone new, ect. Shy people ussually talk to themselves more than they talk to other people. They occupy most of their time by sleeping, watching t.v, and pulling dick.
1."Dude that kid is so shy, he doesnt talk to anyone, what a pussy"!
by edwin123 April 11, 2007
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sneaky behaviour
when someone uses stealth and cunning to steal something from right under your nose they are being "shy"

eg:- borrowing a lighter and then pocketing it after you use it
"dont be shy"-if you suspect shy behaviour

"shyboy" - a person that you know is a thieving little shit!
by the weasel king September 22, 2007
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