when you have kind bud in a bag and put shwag weed in with it, the pleasant smelling kind bud loses its wonderful fragrance and smells just like the shwag. The taste of the kind bud is usually also downgraded but, luckily the buzz factor stays.

Dude, this weed looks so good but it smells like shit. It must have a shwag infection.
by King Pinch October 10, 2009
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Polo Shwag: Somone who has a certain ammount of Polo Shwag.
He has so much polo shwag with that new polo shirt, his polo shwag is maxed out.
by nick5757 December 6, 2010
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the opposite of dank weed.usually called the poops or just shwag.
whenever my nigga carl ghost rides his whip. he always get down on the poop shwag.
by g'ed up from the f'ed up May 12, 2006
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A higher echelon or level of swag. Originated by the native island people of Lackashwagsen PA. May also be used as a sentence enhancer or as the replacement of a fragment of a word. Example- magazine would be Shwagazine.

The originator of Shwag is BeaSix of DTK entertainment. You can hear his song "Shwag To The Fullest" in summer of 2011.
Hop up out the bed turn my SHWAG on. turn to soulja boi, and say shut the eff up!
by THE CREATOR OF SHWAG April 8, 2011
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Weed that tastes/smells or looks shitty... Is also lacking in THC
Fuck i can't beleive you bought dustins poo shwag when you should obviously go to da kush man.
by King of Israel January 9, 2009
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The icky black goo in all your pipes, bongs, water-pipes, chillums, you name it, if you can smoke through it, it can catch shwag-resin.
"Bro, I shmoked some shwag-resin before I roller bladed, and it made me roller blade good."

"haha, nice bro, thats hella lit"
by Teenage Stepdad May 4, 2020
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