ooh nah nah, what's my shwag?
by bong ramen October 9, 2011
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just some worthless weed not worth smokin really ( mexican shwag )
man get that shwag ass babbage outta here man , tryin to hit some nugs bra
by splankinberry August 11, 2003
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Weed that mexicans sell.
Lacking THC
That mexican sold me bad weed. a.k.a. shwag
This shit is shwag.
by Jizzon December 22, 2005
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the lowest of low, the worst of worst
That chicken was so shwag, it tasted worse than dog shit
by Brian Dubë November 12, 2006
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Jim: i just made my girlfriend squirt
Andy: SHWAG!
Jim: thnx bro
by FreddyTickle June 5, 2011
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Regular weed

Dirty seed filled Mexican marijuana

Marijuana bought at cheap prices often times in impoverished neighborhoods in front of liquor stores from African Americans with gold teeth possibly carrying a firearm in their waste band who will not hesitate to make you “spread your shit” in order to take all of the Caucasians belongings and money, without exchanging the shwag.

"Dude, I got some weed the other day and it was shwag"
by Jordan Knight April 2, 2008
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