A quote from the movie Heathers and part of the actual song Big Fun from the musical Heathers. It has nothing to do with TikTok. If you think it's from TikTok or "that one TikTok song" consider yourself educated. Heather Chandler often says it to Heather Duke, and the line is revisited when Veronica yells "SHUT UP HEATHER" at Chandler's spirit. Please refrain from saying "dang dang diggity dang" is from TikTok, it's from Heathers.
Person 1: Shut up Heather!
Person 2: Oh my god, you know Heathers?

Person 1: What do you mean? This is from TikTok.

Person 2: What the fuck? No! It's not from that musical.ly rip-off, it's from an amazing musical!
by ifelloffmychairlaughing November 12, 2019
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Person#1: Martha Dumptruck in the flesh
Person#2: here comes the cootie squad
Person#1: We shou-
Person#1: Sorry Heather
Person#2: Look whos with her! Oh My Gosh!!!!
All: Dang Dang Diggity Dang a Dang Dang Dang!!!
by Uno Skip Card November 02, 2019
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Originally from the film and musical ; Heathers the musical. "Shut up heather" means to be stop annoying the person that said it, or it's just a friendly joke. It is also included in a popular trend of a group of friends doing the iconic "dang dang diggity dang dang"
Heather : Martha dumbtruck in the flesh!
Heather: Here comes the cootie squad! You should-
by Heather Chandler lll February 26, 2020
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