Both the words Shit and Cunt put together and made into one ultimate word. Used for describing someone who has done something or said something lame for an excuse not to do something.
Hey man you coming out to party tonight? Nah man I'm staying home and studying, Reply your a "shunt". (shit cunt)
by creased July 21, 2010
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An amalgam of the words "shit" and "cunt" used in the same capacity together i.e. shit cunt. This is commonly used as an abbreviation of the unabridged term as it often enables the conversation to flow more easily and allows the individuals talking to pursue other avenues of action, namely fighting.
"You're such a shunt, you know that?"

"That guy there, he's such a shunt"
by CitizenBane August 31, 2012
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The revolting result of a girl's choice to whipe her ass from the front, dragging mad doo-doo across her cunt, which inevitably gets lodged in the folds, leaving doo-doo butter and the occasional peanut for unsuspecting guys to deal with.
After buying the chick like seven drinks, I get her home only to discover she was dragging a shunt around under that skirt all night--I did her anyway.
by Showers September 28, 2006
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To give a small tip in response to poor service from ur server
Man, the forks dirty, my eggs r cold, and I still don't have a drink! This bitch gettin shunted
by cali diezal December 20, 2010
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Famous to small time rapper, Mr.Blak47, this word is used to describe injuring/killing someone for the soul purpose to show actual intent of keeping someone in line, to show them "you" are better then they are.
You better not "screw" with me or I'll straight shunt you!
by Devon Lindsay March 02, 2006
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