"Sev Shun"-s literal meaning is "Black dog" which comes from Armenian language, and it's a tag for honest, humble and gentle person , as devoted as dog (shun), but sometimes dark, filthy and gloomy from which comes black (sev) part.Mainly used while referring to males .
Male:Vhuk hel gorcerit, zanit em.
Female:Du chases es inch anem at Sev Shun
by Gribori February 17, 2019
Legendary man that has the body of a woman. Loves kung pao chicken
Shun Yu baba grille
by hgsdjkf November 23, 2021
From Unite the White in Charlottesville. He got separated from his shun of incels, got surrounded by functional adults, then stripped to cover up the fact that he was marching and also probably shat himself thoroughly.
by M0nkyman November 15, 2018
when an individual lives in a rural area outside of a larger, more populated metropolitan area, and is socially ignored and rejected because of their location
I live insert number miles outside of insert major city and no one will talk to me when they find out I'm not right around the corner, I've been geo-shunned.
by A_for_Ashton August 20, 2009
To shun another person to such an extent, un-shunning, and, in turn, re-shunning, become completely impossible.
Yeah, Trisha perma-shunned her suitemate. It was pretty brutal. Now she doesn't get any pie.
by Tubaballoon February 26, 2011
Shun Les are usually stupid, crazy and mean. They over react and act stupid most convincingly cause they are ACTUALLY dumb. But when treated nicely like pets, they are nice back.
My shun le is nice to me when i am nice to them like a pet.
by PorkyBacon October 11, 2018
Kind of like the banhammer, but instead of banning someone, You shun them.
*watches Fail blog video*

N00B: 0MG, DiD H3 D3AD??? :o

by a r i a n a . July 29, 2009