The opposite of a shoutout, a way to recognize someone, or many people, who have wronged you
Quick shun to Seppi for ruining our chances of beating Kevin.

q/s to carbon dioxide for speeding up the global warming.
by Thecossqueens April 24, 2017
Kaidou shun is someone who is cooler than you’ll ever be kaidou is attractive as well and you on the other hand aren’t Kaidou is a masterpiece you aren’t kaidou is the jet black wings who always saves the day and you? You’re just a pathetic loser. I believe in Kaidou supremacy!
“Bro they’re so cool I bet they kin kaidou shun” “not even they aren’t remotely close to being as cool and awesome and handsome and amazing and perfect as him”
by Kaidousluver July 1, 2021
A god with a power hidden in his right arm who saves us from dark reunion. His boyfriend is koboyasu but their cool so they call each other by their first names😎. WAP (worship and pray) to Shun Kaidou. Kaidou is a fake name thought his real name is The Jet Black Wings
Saiki: Shun kaidou is an idiot
by Ryleewebs January 9, 2021
slang used to describe a state of being when you are just bein' you and doin' you, in the most simplistic mentality
Look at ol' Shun-Dere over dere in that recliner just simply doin him on this day in San Marcos shun
by LetsGetGoin April 6, 2011
Kaido Shun a.k.a. JET BLACK WINGS is our lord and saviour, protecting the world from the crusty-musty dark reunion. Hobbies include: gettin it on with the gang, bullying perverted class idiot Nendo and BEING A FUCKING ICON
Kaido Shun is adorable, showstopping, a quirky weirdo and the reason you're alive.
by saltyassdinosaur January 15, 2021
A really cool dude with a cool hair and a cool watch and a cool suit. he only uses legs when fighting and is a smoker.
he never killed anyone because he is a cool ass kicker literally.
bad guy 1: Who is this Shun Akiyama dude?
bad guy 2: He kicked my friends ass. Literally.
by Peoplehater1234 June 14, 2022
The act of using someone for sex. A virtual synonym with "one-night-stand."
Hornydude: Damn I can't wait to sex then shun that shit
Homophobe: Wow, would she fall for that?
Hornydude: Probably.
Homophobe: Wow she's a tool!
Hornydude: Who said it was a she?
Homophobe: Dude!!! That explains why you tried stroking my dick at last night!
by YapmelkXela October 11, 2009