Shortened version of the noun relations. Used as a subtle indicator that sex is desired when company is present.
"Do you want to have shuns while the kids are watching Spongebob?"
by GetToDaChoppah December 07, 2011
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An Indian Moslim monkey with a tendency to riot in the streets of Bangcock.
Keep the shuns quiet with some pepper spray and tear gas.
by Cock Friend August 12, 2003
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Used to replace the word 'Something' in the Scene kid's everyday vocabulary book.
I was gona say shunning but i herra (hella) forgot!
by shunningshweet May 04, 2007
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A. Fantasized about
B. Mentally sexed
C. Thought about
You've been shunned!!
by Jessica November 10, 2003
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Actions committed by people you thought were friends when they no longer have use for you. First, they will ignore and exclude you (shun) and then cast you away (dump) when they are finished with you.
Tolly just put the shun and dumpon someone again. When he is done with someone, he is done.
by ohyesuare April 03, 2017
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Our savior from the evil organization Dark Reunion.

Also known as The Jet Black Wings, he protects us all bad that can happen.
Me: Hey bro is dark reunion coming
Person A: no because our Savior Shun Kaidou exists
by Yes Yes I am me December 09, 2020
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