Shun. To present something weather it be cash or diamond ring.
"If you want buns hun you better shun!"
by WookieWordWonder October 05, 2018
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to tell someone\something that they are shamed or vanished
shun the none beliver
by Ashley may akersone January 21, 2017
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Creative Genius Duplicated by en masse, Style is personalized on expressive emotion, Misunderstood purposely, but simple minded. Corrupted Brilliance and Humility unknownst to people.
Shun is a collaborated effort of Hipster and Hood.
by CantEEnHandle January 04, 2016
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An uncommon name. Belonging to the shortest person ever. A questionable female, likes to use the word "thot". Tends to be afraid of bugs. A smart person who enjoys giving spoilers. Is often ugly and stupid.
Wait, your name is Shun? Aren't you a bit too tall to be a Shun?

Shun: thot
Ryan: stop using the same word 20 times in a row.
Jordan: here we go again
Kev: *insert random offtopic picture*
via giphy
by RyanGTR September 06, 2019
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