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"Shuffle shame" is when your mp3 music player is playing on speakers in shuffle mode, and somebody enters the room at the exact moment the worst song of your collection is being played.
I felt shuffle shame when Tony came to the office today, my iPod was playing Paris Hilton's single as he came in.
by Laurent Haug October 20, 2006
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1. Shuffle shame occurs when you are playing music in shuffle (or random) mode and the songs you are embarrassed about listening to come on as someone you're trying to impress enters the room.

2. Shuffle shame occurs when someone is attempting to shuffle (a form of dancing popular with aznz) but fails miserably and/or realizes that shuffling is lame.
John: Hey Jimmy how you doing?
*non-mainstream music comes on*
Jimmy: ZOMGZ I don't know why that's in my mp3 library.
John: Ugh my ears hurt from not hearing mainstream music with singers who have no real talent!!!11
Pedophile looking through window: This is a common case of shuffle shame.
by HisNameIsChris August 06, 2008
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When one's ipod is a shuffle, and when all of your friends are not as jewish as you and can afford better ipods.
Man, i have a case of hardcore shuffle shame.
by crack head jones July 06, 2009
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